March 15th, 2016 at 2:10am

In the winter, dressing for class can be more difficult than that 12 page paper that’s due at midnight. Between the cold gusts of wind and the random snow showers, it can be a major challenge for any Fashionista/o to dress for success in class. Luckily, many of the trends this season work perfectly with the ever-changing weather so everyone can look fab while shuffling through campus in the snow.

This Fashionisto went for a more minimalistic look, pairing his dark wash jeans with a simple white T-shirt, a dark winter coat and some Converse All-Stars. This look is great for guys because even though it is cold out, they can still rock the long lasting trend of a simple white T-shirt and jeans. When looking for winter jackets, sometimes the more fashionable ones are not the warmest. Luckily, this year a lot of warm, and fashionable utility jackets are available! This way you won’t look like the kid from A Christmas Story who can’t even stand in his outwear while walking to class.
Additionally, this Fashionisto’s choice in denim is a great selection as it’s always vital to pick a good pair when choosing an outfit for class. If it’s frigid out, distressed denim isn’t the best way to go if you’re walking a long distance. Washed out denim, like this Fashionisto is wearing, works great with many outfits and many occasions.
One Simple Change: When running from a night class to meeting up with friends for dinner, change the winter jacket to a leather jacket for a great look for a night out!