May 4th, 2016 at 2:10am

With the school year coming to a close it can be easy to let grades, extracurriculars and even style fall by the wayside. Everyone is busy making their summer plans and the last thing anyone wants to do is go to class. This lack of motivation can make for some sloppy morning outfits, yet is a problem that can be easily fixed. And what’s the best way to do this? Simply bring out your classic wardrobe staples to mix and match!

This Fashionisto provides the perfect example of how to pair staples together in order to create a look that is appropriate for class, yet effortlessly cool. By layering a neutral T-shirt, flannel and denim jacket, his look is both textured and seasonally practical for a day of walking between classes. White adidas sneakers help make these early morning walks more comfortable and are extremely on-trend. This practicality continues with a brown leather strap watch that is not only ideal for keeping time between study breaks, but also compliments the color of his brown T-shirt. Orange and blue striped socks help pump up the look’s neutral palette and add a fun twist.

Our Fashionisto also ties into the double denim trend by wearing both jeans and a denim jacket. Rocking double denim is a concept that can be awfully intimidating for some people, but truly is nothing to be afraid of. By simply mixing the colors of denim like this Fashionisto does here (wearing a blue denim jacket and ripped black jeans), creating a double denim look becomes as easy as pie!

One Simple Change: Looking for something a bit more dramatic? Transition this look from day to night by simply switching out the denim jacket for a leather one!