February 10th, 2016 at 2:00am

Here in New York, you never know who you’ll meet. From celebrities to business moguls, this city is a breeding ground of opportunity. It’s crucial to always dress the part, even if all you have on tap for that day is a date with an artisanal latte and your French syllabus. This Fashionisto, a theater major here at Fordham Lincoln Center, captures this daily cool with a few key pieces that are understated yet distinctly stylish, creating an overall Kanye West vibe that goes from books to Broadway in seconds.

For a look that’s both eye-catching and comfy (because the first Monday class is always an uphill struggle), reach for more refined staples, like his AllSaints thermal and a light wash denim with mild distressing for a more lived-in look. Avoid the temptation of your favorite high school football hoodie; springing for more high-end T-shirts is totally worth the price point, providing a product that won’t fall apart after the second wash, while still looking consistently posh and worn in. Layering is the best way to beat the air conditioning mood swings that come with the territory of being a college student. This Fashionisto mixes shades of camel, taupe and white, keeping his palette muted but still vibrant against the monotone grey of the surrounding buildings. A wool coat from Zara is warm for even the most persistent of winter winds, but light enough to drape over the shoulders when the sun comes out to play. This outfit is all about the layers, allowing for flawless transitions from class to the streets.

Grab attention beyond these stylish staples with fashion-forward details that pop in a muted palette. Notorious neutrals like Yeezy Moonrock adidas elevate an outfit from chic to iconic. The key to not overstating these luxurious accessories, as this Fashionisto clearly displays, is sticking to a palette with similar textures and tones. These Yeezy’s are perfectly paired with his stunning Goyard Saint Louis tote, perfect for concealing textbooks as a fashion statement. To finish off the look, a few decadent gold chains peeking out between top layers adds an aura of prestige without being ostentatious or overdone.

As I’ve said, you never know who you’ll meet on the streets here in New York. The only thing more flattering than a job offer is being mistaken for someone famous. You too can achieve Kanye-inspired effortless cool for class, just like this Fashionisto.

One Simple Change: To take this look from class to the club, opt for an embellished blazer with a simple, masculine silhouette like this one from Balmain. If you prefer not to sell your soul for one jacket, check out this one from Just Cavalli, with stunning yet minimal detailing on the collar and a similar strong framework.