Though I might live in a world of crippling debt and crushing social and academic responsibility, sometimes it’s still nice to wish upon a star. Usually, I wish for a $5,000 shopping spree to NASTY GAL or to find a way to pay off the rest of my education. Sometimes, both. As we college kids grow older, it seems we find we’ve been naive in dreaming about what we’ll become in the future. When I was little, I went through a brief phase where I wanted to be a meteorologist before realizing I wanted to live lavishly in New York City working in the realm of fashion. Right now, I am young and broke and living in Northeastern Ohio. But one day, I will live out my own low budget adaptation of Sex in the City in New York. Only instead of Manolo Blahniks, I’ll wear Steve Maddens I found on sale at Nordstrom Rack. No matter how outrageous our dreams might be, it’s always important to reach for the stars.

The Fashionisto certainly reached for the stars with his ensemble. Space-themed apparel has been prominent in men’s streetwear for sometime now. In earlier collections, brands like Hood by Air incorporated elements of ether into their graphic designs. Overtime, other brands like Diamond Supply Co. and adidas picked up on the trend. While I see the trend fading out, streetwear now prominently features a lot of art in the form of surrealist masterpieces placed on sweatshirts and T-shirts, this Fashionisto found a way to staple the older trend into his look in the form of a nostalgic jacket. He found the retro piece at PacSun and layered it with a simple T-Shirt and a flannel tied around his waist. With classic pair of destroyed jeans and lace-up work boots, the look is urban and declarative. The finishing touch is a bright red backpack to tie in the red elements of his ensemble and make his outfit even more eye-catching.

One Simple Change: Swap the jacket for a thin blazer to add a professional touch to an otherwise casual look.