November 18th, 2015 at 2:00am

With finals just around the corner, it can’t hurt to put a relaxed outfit together with a little extra effort. We often get into a slump this time of year and dressing for the part will make you more proactive! I always feel more confident and ready for the day when I’m dressed for it. This Fashionista nails the off to class look!

Of course, jeans are always the way to go. A darker pair of denim often contrasts nicely with lighter colored tops. She pairs her lilac top with a navy utility jacket from Gap and ties in the blue from the jacket with a blue floral necklace from Target. She also wears calf high boots, which are a favorite for this time of year. They add an effortless and casual vibe.

Adding accessories to your outfit, no matter how small, make a big difference. The statement necklace this Fashionista is wearing is a great example. Another accessory she has on are hoop earrings from Francesca’s. The hoops are just the right size to make a statement but still be coherent with the rest of her outfit. Her outfit is laid back enough with her jacket, jeans and boots, but the accessories add the pops of detail. The final piece to the class appropriate look, is the floral backpack. It’s always exciting to get a cute backpack! You can’t go wrong with the ones that Macy’s has to offer. The backpack is another piece that pulls the outfit together and adds something different than the usual North Face ones seen around campus.

One Simple Change: Take this look from day to night by swapping the navy jacket for a blazer and the calf high boots for ankle booties. You’re ready to head out to dinner!