WHAT TO WEAR: Celebration

June 15th, 2016 at 2:10am

A celebration can take many forms, but one of the most special is a 21st Birthday. This memorable day involves reaching a milestone in ones life. The location, the loved ones and the joy are all components of this memory; and so is the attire! It can often be stressful deciding what to wear for such a huge event. Is the outfit too serious? Too informal? These are questions that can easily be answered by making sure a desired look has the qualities to match those of a celebration honoring you!

Sporting a casual yet sophisticated look, this gentleman is ready for anything his 21st can throw at him. His celebration involves a barbecue followed by dinner with his closest family and friends. The short sleeve button-down introduces a casual aspect, which is perfect for a birthday during a warmer season. The collar, cuffed sleeves and pattern add sophistication to the look. By tucking the top into a pair of lightweight, linen and cotton blend trousers, a sleek brown leather belt can be seen.

To keep with the cool neutral feel, the birthday boy is wearing a gold accented watch and a pair of retro round-framed sunglasses. Brown leather is pulled back into the look with a pair of high-top sneakers; a staple for providing comfort and style. The last classic accessory with a modern twist is an Original Penguin Straw Porkpie Hat. This neutral toned straw hat ties the ensemble together by introducing a shade of navy blue to accompany the button-down.

One Simple Change: Turn this casual celebratory day to a night out with a simple addition to the attire! A sports coat or blazer will add a mature aspect to the look without giving off the feeling of something too formal. Follow these simple tips to decide what to wear for any celebration. Having the perfect outfit for any special event makes the day that much more memorable and a lot less stressful! Now sit back, relax and make some memories in the perfect attire!