WHAT TO WEAR: Celebration

As the Ithaca Commons’ renovation is finally complete, September is the best time (really the only time, weather permitting) to explore the downtown area. Whether going shopping or sampling local delights, leaving campus to explore the Commons is the perfect way to celebrate. This Fashionista’s birthday is right around the corner, so she decided to venture to the Commons for celebratory waffles. Her fashionable look perfectly captured the spirit of the day!

This Fashionista knows how to make a casual look still feel special. She embraced accessories that added flair to her look. By pairing white lace with chestnut and olive accessories, she created a cohesive, casual look perfect for a variety of occasions. Her white lace dress is the perfect blank canvas to add accessories, creating formal and casual styles. Following a more relaxed feel, she chose accent pieces that follow a Southern vibe. The olive military style vest adds structure to the loose dress while making the summer feel of the dress more appropriate for fall.

My favorite part of this Fashionista’s outfit is her use of chestnut accents. Her leather and silver metal bracelet matches exactly with her cross-body bag and her ankle boots. The flat, studded ankle boots are ideal for walking around the Commons. These three accessories are cohesive without being overbearingly identical, completing her look.

One Simple Change: Remember that nagging rule about how you can only wear white before Labor Day? Well, she already broke that rule. But this white lace dress would look perfect on a beach during vacation. To complete the look, pair the lace dress with gold sandals, round sunnies, and a piña colada in hand. This dress can be loved throughout the seasons by switching up the accessories!