WHAT TO WEAR: Celebration

October 26th, 2015 at 2:00am

Let’s face it. We’re in college and we have friends that are at all different points in their lives. Whether it’s friends that have graduated or family members, it seems like we are always getting invitations. So what exactly do we wear?

Celebrations don’t have a set dress code. A girl doesn’t want to walk through the door in stilettos and a tight dress or be the only one caught in jeans. So, what can you do to be perfectly in the middle? This Fashionista chose to wear an Anthropologie wrap dress with an Anthropologie cardigan to fight the fall breeze. The wrap dress extenuates her waist, while giving her a fun and flowy look (and also some room to eat on all the desserts!). The cardigan gives her look a comfortable and effortless feel while her wedges tie the outfit together with a perfect mixture of comfort and style.

This Fashionista didn’t stop here with her look. She accessorized her outfit with a Burberry watch and her collection of rings. On her right hand, she shows off her Tiffany roman numeral and leaf design rings while on her right hand she features a Saressa Designs ring and tops it off with a thumb ring from Anthropologie. It’s the simple things that this Fashionista does that pull this outfit together. She’s not too much, she’s not too plain, but she’s perfectly in the middle letting her own unique touches shine!

One Simple Change: Finished with the celebration and have a nice dinner to attend? Lose the cardigan and tie in a leather jacket to give yourself a fierce and on-the-go look!