WHAT TO WEAR: Celebration

As the collegiate school year is coming to a close (finally!) many of us have big events on our plate. Graduation, formal, banquets, awards ceremonies, end of the year dinner events and many more are upon us. Dressing for celebrations can have its difficulties, especially with dress codes like semi-formal and business casual. Who doesn’t get confused by the term semi-formal? Are sweaters and trousers okay, or only trousers and blouses? You know what I’m talking about. That fine line between too casual and overdressed can be quite a pain in the backside.

Don’t let those dress codes stress you out and ruin your event! There is always room to have fun with a semi-formal dress code. At least you are not required to wear a Fashionista’s worst nightmare, a business suit! Classic pieces like printed pants, structured skirts and unique blouses are a great place to start. Build the rest of your look with accenting accessories, complete it with your favorite heel.

This Fashionista was in attendance of Indiana University’s Retail Studies Organization’s annual awards banquet. I was instantly in awe of her flawless outfit. She balanced a professional level with her classic look, but let personality shine through with small details. A great way to do a semi-formal dress code! Of all her pieces, I was obsessed with this Fashionista’s shoe choice. Her slight heel fits the occasion well and the snake skin adds an unreal amount of character. This Fashionista brought the perfect balance to classic cool meets edgy.

One Simple Change: If you have a jam packed day of class and no time to rush home, carry a large hobo bag with you. You can stash your heels in the bag and wear walking approved shoes all day!