WHAT TO WEAR: Celebration

April 15th, 2015 at 2:00am

Ever wonder what to wear for a night out, whether it’s a formal event, celebration or a dinner with friends? Coming out of my afternoon class, I spotted this Fashionisto ready to leave campus on a Friday afternoon to beat Los Angeles traffic and have some fun in the city. His outfit caught my eye because of the different types of materials that he chose to piece his ensemble together.

This Fashionisto wore an oversized Saint Laurent T-shirt, beige denim jacket, black straight leg jeans with zippers and Lacoste sneakers. The T-shirt had a graphic print on it to show some of his personality and the jacket added warmth for the night—he can wear it outdoors or take it off indoors. The coated black jeans also illustrated that he went out of the box to pick his pants. The sneakers are a complementary piece to his outfit and show comfort for any event.

His outfit paired well for a celebration. Walking past him, I knew he was going out to some sort of event and had to capture the moment. He was not overdressed, yet not underdressed either. The texture of the jeans and the jacket complemented his T-shirt well.

One Simple Change: Change the beige denim jacket to a blue one for a more causal look for a tailgate or wear boots instead of sneakers if you are going out to do something reckless and exciting. Be sure to wear what you want and put your own twist into the style of your outfit!