WHAT TO WEAR: Casual Chic

Hello lovelies! With spring making an early appearance I spotted this fashionista admiring the gorgeous flowers in bloom. Because the weather is still in transition the forecast here in North Carolina has reflected that prominently with sunny but windy days and rainy but humid nights. Our Fashionista here has made her outside endeavors and class room studies comfortable with this easy going outfit.

Our fashionista wears a black T-shirt that has the very trendy and very in-style crisscross design on the neckline. This takes her simple black T-shirt from casual to casual chic. She pairs the crisscross black t-shirt with a cuffed pair of military green pants. The black booties with the buckle add more chicness to effortless look, so that we are comfortable in class and on the walk to it.

In order to embellish her look even more she add gold accenting details. Her stacked black and gold bracelets bring the look together and create cohesiveness throughout. All the while her dream-catcher necklace, along with the crisscross detailing, gives us a focal point to her look. An easy to throw up ponytail eliminates time in the morning to get dress and more time to make sure she makes it to class on time.

Our Fashionista keeps her make-up look simple with brown eyeshadow, eyeliner, and a pink tinted lip gloss. She keeps it simple with a few details that add chicness. Her outfit is casual enough for a comfortable, hour long class, but chic enough to be featured in her very own article.