August 1st, 2016 at 2:00am

It might not be the occasion of going to a party, or even a fancy dinner, but taking strolls around the city with girlfriends to have brunch allows us to have an extra excuse to look as fun as we want to. Summer itself is a season where not only can we experiment with our favorite colors, but we can also jump in between styles simultaneously. This Fashionista is styling a contemporary, strappy dress in a mustard color, with a light, denim jacket on top. As hot as the summer might seem, there are unexpected days where the rain or the cold air might approach later in the day. Thus, having a denim jacket might make you feel a little better, and more stylish. Without the jacket, the dress has a more classy look to it, but having the denim on top makes the look more casual.

This V-cut neckline of the dress is eye-catching, not only because of its design but also the fact that it has the perfect length for the body type of the Fashionista. In this case, because of the short dress, these gold-colored, Inuovo sandals go perfectly with her look. Wearing sandals are a more comfortable option for this type of occasion, considering she might walk distances to different places in the city. To finish up this look, she is carrying a black cross-body bag, which totally complements the color of the dress and jacket. In addition, she has also a pair of cool, gold and green mirrored Ray-Bans, along with two bracelets which have some skulls as some of its charms. Now she is ready to go and have a good time with her friends. Have a happy brunch!

One Simple Change: After brunch, she might want to enjoy a Date Night with her significant other at a movie theatre. Switching from a ponytail to sleek, straight hair and transform the cross-body bag to a purse instead, would make her look more grown and serious.