Everyone knows brunch time is the absolute best time of day. It’s that magical meal where you can get pancakes and French fries at the same time and no one will look at you funny. What better way to spend a hot summer day than sipping a refreshing drink on a patio with a few of your closest friends or family? The perfect outfit can either make or break your brunch experience.

In New York, brunch is an event. It’s not just a meal; it’s an opportunity to go all out. Wear the cutest clothes, drink various colorful drinks and eat gorgeous food. Taking a stroll through the Villages or Chelsea, brunch fashion is always a sight to see. A variety of hats, dresses and even shiny metallic jackets can be seen on the patio of nearly every trendy restaurant.

This Fashionisto has his brunch look down to a science. He’s found inspiration while brunching in Chelsea near the High Line. The perfect brunch outfit leaves room for that inevitable food baby while still looking flawless. Regardless of the weather, this Fashionisto sticks to his favorite color: black. With a simple black T-shirt and jeans, he dresses up his go-to brunch ensemble with a burgundy bomber jacket, adidas superstars and a simple silver necklace.

One Simple Change: Heading to your internship after brunch? No problem. Depending on the internship, you may have to switch a few things around. Replace the black T-shirt with a black button down to add a profession edge to your look and head to the office!