Happy end of the semester, Fashionistas! Now that our final exams and projects have finally come to a close, we can finally rejoice because summer is here! What better way to kick off summer break than by celebrating over brunch with your best gal pals? In San Francisco, we take brunch very seriously. Due to the abundance in kitschy-chic restaurants and the need to get the perfect aesthetically pleasing picture of your food to post on Instagram, brunch has somewhat turned into an event rather than just a meal. Whether you’re deciding between bottomless mimosas and a waffle or a latte and a stack of pancakes, choosing what to wear can be just as stressful as deciding what to order.

This Fashionista’s romantic look is all about keeping it simple and feminine. Waking up early in the morning can be hard enough, so choose a flirty romper to decide your outfit for you. A great alternative to dresses, rompers not only require little thought but also make your outfit look complete. While this particular romper has a dramatic floral print, it’s not necessary to incorporate many other accessories to the outfit. Rather than putting on every piece of jewelry you own, choose a dramatic statement necklace that catches the eye. In this case, less is indeed more. To complete your outfit, wear your favorite cross body bag to stash your lipstick, sunglasses, credit card and just maybe the extra cinnamon rolls from the table. With this easy and chic brunch look, it won’t be hard for your friends to believe that you woke up like this.

One Simple Change: If living in San Francisco has taught me anything, it’s to expect the unexpected with weather. Generally speaking, a typical summer in the city usually includes many days where it’s necessary to dress for fall weather. Luckily, if you’re planning on taking a romper like this into the fall season, simply upgrade your booties to a chic pair of over-the-knee boots.