April 12th, 2016 at 2:00am

I have some good news: warm weather will soon be upon us! After months of cold weather, bulky clothes and staying in my dorm drinking cup after cup of coffee, I am beyond ready to bust out my sandals and shorts and get outside to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Warm weather calls for picnics on the quad, studying in the grass and sipping on passion fruit ice tea from Starbucks when you get the inevitable “Brunch?” text from your BFF. It’s bound to happen, and this Fashionista has the whole “brunch outfit” thing down pat.

North of boho and south of chic, this Fashionista’s outfit is perfect for grabbing a bite to eat on the weekend. This Fashionista started with her distressed, cuffed capris and built the rest of the outfit around them. These bottoms are perfect for the spring weather, when it is too cold for shorts and too warm for jeans. The capris were paired with a fringed, off-the-shoulder top that basically screams, “look at how bohemian I am!” To roll with the boho vibes, she added a pair of black, strappy sandals. They have a way of adding a “cool girl” edge. Topping everything off, the floppy hat adds a chic feel that somehow pulls the outfit together. As far as accessories go, the oversized hoop earrings complement the chic side of the look, while the bangle bracelets complement the boho side.

One Simple Change: Have a few errands to run after brunch? Simply ditch the hat and swap the oversized earrings for small studs to make the look a little more casual. Now your look is appropriate for running around town!