It’s undeniable,really: Sunday mornings, good friends and the perfect outfit is an unbeatable combination that is sure to make brunch the best part of your day, maybe even week. There’s nothing better than indulging in a heaping plate of French toast with the people whose company you enjoy the most.

When it comes to the perfect brunch outfit, there are lots of different routes you take takes. I always think of Gossip Girl, and Serena’s and Blair’s killer outfits for their weekend brunches, ranging from preppy and boho to basically a full on ball gown. That’s pretty far fetched for your average Iowan brunch, but a girl can dream, right?

However, this Fashionista was able to effortlessly rock an edgy brunch ensemble that is perfect for the ever changing Iowa wintertime. Layering a black, long sleeve T-shirt with a sleeveless cardigan, and topping it off with a coat-turned-cape, she’s able to stay warm without the hassle of bulky outer layers. The pairing of her camouflage pants gives her monochromatic outfit a slight pop of color and perfectly matches her gray felt hat. To finish off the look, she added heeled black ankle booties, a fringed bag and silver jewelry that brings out the grey tones in her outfit. Her dark lip is the perfect addition to give even a little more edge to her look—you can never go wrong with a dark lipstick! She took looking fab for brunch to another level, and will receive endless enviable stares as she enjoys her meal in style!

One Simple Change: Feel like going downtown to window shop or check out some antique stores to walk off that big meal you just scarfed down? There are just a few easy changes to make this look more comfortable and cozy for the weekend! Swap out the heels for a pair of low-heeled booties, and exchange the necklace with a big scarf to add some warmth!