This Fashionisto was caught on campus rocking a really nice look, something dressy yet casual. Now how does one accomplish such a feat? Well, this Fashionisto was able to pull off this look by combining several integral pieces: a vest, lots of accessories and color blocking.

Start by finding pieces that fall in the same color palette, cool colors versus warm colors. This Fashionisto paired a light blue chambray button-down shirt with dark wash fitted chinos. To add a bit of flare to the outfit, he threw on a vest and a purple flower lapel pin.

To keep the ensemble casual, the Fashionisto kept the vest unbuttoned and wore a watch and bracelets on both hands. He ditched his dress shoes and briefcase for tasseled loafers and a duffle bag.

It was hard to place a finger on this Fashionisto’s style so I asked him his thoughts on the look.

“My style is very…I don’t know. A lot of it is really based on how I feel, really. Right now I’m really leaning towards the whole GQ and gentleman look, but at times, it’s urban, some prep, edgy, vintage; it all depends. I can’t really place my style in its own category or just stamp it with a label. I guess you can say my style is…me.”

Regardless of style types and labels, this outfit looks great. It’s a definite go-to if you’re looking for an outfit to go out for brunch. Brunch is always a fun meal to have, especially when you’re out with friends. It’s a nice way to hang out on a lazy afternoon.

One Simple Change: If you want to go for a look more suited for a professional setting, such as for an internship, leave the duffle bag and vest behind. Switch the loafers for oxfords and match it with a belt. Tuck your shirt in for a cleaner look and you are set to go!