Now that finals are finally over, we can appreciate the newfound and long-anticipated freedom. After a long semester of hard work, long nights of studying and tireless ramen lunches, it is only right that we all sleep in and wake up for a nice brunch. Brunch with friends or family will allow us to catch up on all the awesome things us Fashionista/os have been through the past school year. The bonding shared during brunch will also allow us to recuperate for the hard work that is inevitably waiting for us in the fall. So as we all head out for a well-deserved brunch, it is a must for us to dress to impress (and to make up for all the sweats we’ve been wearing during finals!).

As we can see here, Elisa is owning her role as a Fashionista! She toughens up a simple little black dress (LBD) with a light wash denim vest and some awesome sandals. Although the outfit itself might seem a little dark for brunch, the outfit lightens up with her detailed statement necklace. This statement necklace is an intricate detail that makes it pop! Her silver Michael Kors watch is the perfect contrast to the dark dress and a perfect pair to her necklace. Lastly, her oversized Ray-Ban sunglasses keep the balance of the dark color scheme. This outfit definitely gets an A+!

One Simple Change: Want to use the black dress for date night? Instead of the denim vest, throw a knitwear cardigan on for those chilly summer nights.