June 2nd, 2015 at 2:00am

Summer is all about the hot times and glowing skin, which makes it difficult not to just wear your favorite bikini all day. Although we sometimes opt for a “clothing-optional” week full of lying by the pool or going to the sunny beaches, us Style Gurus still always look forward to the most fashionable morning outing of the week—brunch. Grab your sun dresses and wedges, ladies, because we are going out for mimosas and pancakes.

Nothing says “L.A. trendy” like a weekly brunch outing with all of your friends; therefore, we have to make sure we look cute doing it. Sometimes the morning after a long night by the bonfire or hanging out at your favorite nightly hot spot, those university sweat pants and sorority T-shirts look really good by the time you roll out of bed. However, why not take the time to wake up and finally rock the new strappy shoes you just bought and show off your freshly tanned skin?

Brunch attire should be simple, fun and flirty. Start with a fun patterned dress or staple skinny jeans (if you can handle the heat) with a brightly colored and loosely fitted top. Then to make it your own, this is the time to dust off those floppy hats and complement the whole look with some layered necklaces, charming bracelets and strappy sandals.

One Simple Change: Try and switch up the outfit by adding a comfortable kimono to a solid romper to stay as relaxed as possible while still looking chic and trendy. Pairing easy everyday items like those can take you from brunch to daily errands ready in no time.