WHAT TO WEAR: #BasicandSimple

We are heading towards mid-terms. Bring on the coffee, the friends and the long nights in the library. It is also sweater weather time. Many people refer to girls who talk about sweater weather, UGGs and pumpkin spice lattes as “basic.” I find this term to be hysterical. People hashtag this phrase often during this time of year. Honestly, if these tangible items define a basic girl, then I guess I am one.

This Fashionista also admits to it. I caught her leaving Mckinley’s (a café on campus) where she had just picked up some pumpkin spice coffee. She knew that she had a long day ahead of her so she needed a pick me up. She wore a comfortable, oversized sweater along with leggings and boots. This Fashionista is prepared for a long night, but it will be a long night of comfort and fashion. She could have easily opted for baggy sweatpants and a hoodie, but she wanted to display her style while working hard.

This Fashionista is constantly running around campus: going to class, meeting with professors, getting food with friends, studying in the library and golfing. She needs a versatile outfit for these long days, one that will take her from morning classes to long nights in the library and everything in between. Her go-to outfit is leggings, boots and an oversized, comfy sweater. I guess she is also basic during these sweater weather months.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I am constantly in and out of athletic wear and my everyday clothing. I like to keep it simple and comfortable throughout the day. I love my leggings! In order to dress up any outfit, I add a few pieces of simple jewelry.”