WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

It’s your first day at school, or maybe your first day back from a long break and you want to stand out, to be seen or to be noticed by your crush. Fashion is the way to make that happen. Take a few bold statement pieces and make a whole statement look. Here’s a Fashionista who loves to be one with her wild side, making the perfect statement look for anyone and everyone.

The matching of a colorful tribal shirt paired with a pair of bold distressed burgundy jeans shows how to stand out and make everyone stare. The shirt itself is very bold and different, causing all who walk past to take a look. The jeans just give a subtle, but noticeable presence to the whole look.

To add to her wild side, this Fashionista laced her feet with a pair of cheetah-print combat boots. These boots go up enough to cover the ankle, while still adding to the boldness of the look. Any printed boot would do to make this look fierce.

Her headpiece and gold jewelry, most of which she made herself, were the perfect accessories to make her look more earthy. The golden pieces added so much elegance that she became our very own Cleopatra. Her leafy bejeweled crown can take anyone’s breath away. This headpiece is placed on her head gorgeously, taking the look the next level.

Taking a tribal/wildlife feel, adding a pair of bold-colored jeans/pants and accessorizing with the right pieces can make you the talk of the school. Being bold is a sure way to make yourself feel at new with the world, so be bold and be you!

One Simple Change: After school, do you have a fashion event or night out with the girls? A simple change of combat boots to snake-print heeled boots can take the look from a school day to a sexy night look.