WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

Ahh, back to school. The only three words that can actually make me cringe and get excited simultaneously. What do I love about those three words? Well, for starters, it means autumn is right around the corner. The subtle color schemes of neutrals and earth tones fill my closet with the biggest of smiles. Recently I’ve been seeing major exposure of the “Utility Safari” trend which looks exactly how it sounds. Imagine The Wild Thornberrys transformed to a street style that Fashionista’s can’t seem to get away from. The one thing I’ve grown obsessed with is how well any color associated with the fall palette goes together; which is why this particular Fashionista grabbed my attention.

This trendy babe combined uniquely styled safari-inspired harem pants with a minimalistic shirt so cute that I could scream. When an outfit contains pants with extreme material I personally believe it’s important for them to remain the focus. Luckily, this Fashionista shares a similar mentality when pairing the bottoms with a simple, beautifully colored tank top. The color choice of this ensemble is incredible since the lighter shades complement each other in a way that is not too overwhelming. Aside from my evident color scheme obsession, the lace bralette underneath the tank top adds a dainty touch to the outfit as a whole. While her entire outfit is on trend, the up close details stay the true driver to this look. From lace details to the carefully constructed harem pants, this ensemble screams a comfortable transition back to school.

Even if this Fashionista was going to grab dinner with friends or go out for a drink she wouldn’t have much to do. One change I could envision would be adding a either an animal printed or leather jacket plus some oxford styled shoes to give it more of a night time look. All in all, this Fashionista absolutely owned this look.