WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

As summer draws to an end, the beginning of school approaches. We part ways with summer and enjoy our last hoo-rah’s of the season. Although the music festivals are over and the beaches have closed, the summer heat lingers and breezy nights approach. I enjoy back to school wear at Rutgers-Newark’s campus, because of the diversity. With diversity comes a unique sense of style and different aesthetic that can’t be imitated.

A new school year also means autumn is around the corner and nights are getting cooler. Nothing says fall time like piling on the layers. I approached this Fashionisto because I can appreciate his approach to layering. A denim shirt is a staple in anyone’s closet. When you have an outfit with something as basic as a chambray shirt, you can play with color and texture for layering. The Ralph Lauren denim button-up is a great layer for transitioning from summer to fall; it’s thick enough to keep you warm when the sun sets and the shirt underneath, a polo V-neck, wicks away sweat and ensures all day freshness. These UNIQLO shorts dress down the denim shirt, making it perfect for a summer casual vibe. Walking from class to class can be tiring and this Fashionisto has the right idea; black Asics keep the look casual and make it comfortable to walk around campus.

One Simple Change: When school gets too hectic and you need an escape, brunch is the perfect occasion. But how do you dress this outfit up? Opt for a dressier, yet comfortable shoe, like these Tod’s leather driving shoes.