WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

September has finally arrived and school is officially back in session. I know one of my biggest struggles being back at school has been figuring out what to wear. The days are still so hot but the classrooms are much too cold, so what is the perfect back to school look? Making a first impression is important in college classes, so you don’t want your outfit to speak negatively about you. For example, showing up on the first day looking like you just rolled out of bed might not express to your teachers and peers that you are serious about class. I was told that you never know who will show up in class one day, so you don’t want to be wearing sweatpants when your idol comes to give a keynote speech and you’re too embarrassed to meet them. Being put together and comfortable are my two priorities while picking out my outfit the night before. I love to look around campus for inspiration and ideas, and this Fashionista really jumped out at me during class this past week.

This Fashionista’s look is simple and comfortable for a long day of classes but will still make a good impression to new teachers and students on her first day. Her white T-shirt is unique and refreshing, and styling it with Converse gives it a sporty and practical look for walking around Ohio State’s enormous campus. A relaxed pair of jeans are great for school because they dress up your look without sacrificing comfort. She dressed up her simple top with a bohemian necklace that really ties the whole look together. It’s important to have a stylish yet functional bag for carrying books around, and her Longchamp passes both tests with flying colors. I know these bags can be common around college campuses, so a fun tip to make your bag unique is to tie a scarf around the strap, just like this Fashionista did.

One Simple Change: Just get out of class on Friday and headed to dinner with friends to celebrate the end of the first week of classes? Try swapping the Converse for a pair of neutral toned booties. They instantly dress up your look for an evening with the girls without having to make much of an effort.