WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

Back-to-school has almost become a season for Fashionistas/os everywhere.  During this “season” we pull together a new wardrobe of pieces in preparation for the next semester.  The first few weeks of classes are still within the summer month of August, and here in Kentucky it’s hot and humid!  On campus, Fashionista/os look for ways to stay cool and fresh while also looking cool and fresh.  This Fashionista has figured it out already!

Here at Western Kentucky University walking to class is no easy task, in fact “walking” is not even the correct verb to use.  As this entire campus is built on a hill, the students essentially hike.  This Fashionista trekked, saw and conquered the hill with this stellar ensemble.  Her look is mega effortless and eclectic.  Beginning at the top, she braided her hair to keep it out of her face and finished the style with an embellished head wrap to add a bit of sparkle.  Fresh-faced with a touch of foundation, she looks radiant!  This Fashionista’s ribbed tank from Forever 21 is an absolute steal, and contrasts perfectly with her faded denim skirt.  Finishing off the outfit, she threw on her rucksack-style backpack and slipped into her favorite Chuck Taylors to keep for tootsies free of misery.

Though this Fashionista’s outfit is comprised mostly of basics, her jewelry adds so much character.  As I chatted with her, she told me about some of her favorite pieces.  She has collected her rings over time, but one of them has been around longer than the rest.  One of these rings was her grandmother’s!  Sometimes vintage pieces that will hold a special place in your heart are hard to find, but when one comes along it can be a real jewel.  Some of her other jewelry came from Greece, while others came from a shop that helps women from violent relationships get back on their feet.  These unique accessories have become staple pieces for this Fashionista and personalize every look she wears.

One Simple Change: Tired of cafeteria food and want to go off campus with some friends?  Sometimes dressing up seems like a hassle, but most outfits just need a couple of tweaks to be perfect for a night on the town. Slip into some ultra chic mules, drop your backpack and replace it with a clutch that will hold your essentials.  Now you are set!