WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

It’s the first day of class, and everyone knows that at George Washington University, that’s essentially synonymous with “Kogan Plaza Fashion Show.” Everyone is back showing off their summer tans, their “new year, new me” hairstyles and fabulous fashion finds from all of their abroad travels. Now is the time to dress to impress and it is important to find a balance between looking like you’re ready work to hard as well as play hard. This Fashionisto looked like he’d stepped off the cover of a J.Crew catalog when I found him stepping off the Vern Express. This kind of fashion sense is just one more reason to spend an afternoon on the Mount Vernon Campus!

Haloed by the greenery of the MVC Quad, this Fashionisto looks approachable, studious and ready to take on the new school year. His crisp, white button-up is subtly accented by a fun sailboat pattern and is complemented perfectly by his cuffed khaki pants. The button-up and khaki pants are two closet staples that could be seen as boring when alone, but the subtle pattern and leather belt accenting helps make the outfit seem both professional and youthful. Another great addition to his first day ensemble is the leather boat shoes, which match the belt and tie the whole outfit together, while simultaneously providing comfortable support for those long walks from 2020 K to the Elliott School. I think it goes without saying that this Fashionisto is ready to ace this semester both inside and outside the classroom.

One Simple Change: You’ve just aced your first day of class and now you want to go out and celebrate with your friends. Try switching the white button-up for a dark maroon or navy color and take this outfit instantly from daytime chic to nighttime appropriate.