WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

Don’t get me wrong; summer is still in full swing, but you know in the back of our minds we are always thinking of that perfect back to school look. Take a page from this Fashionista’s book, strutting the streets of NYC looking as effortlessly cool as can be. This outfit sums up back to school. She has that haphazardly thrown together bun, an oversized tank top showing a sliver of skin, ripped denim, the perfect slip-ons and a sturdy backpack.

Going back to school can be a bit of a drag, but with an awesome closet going to class shouldn’t be the worst part of your day. When I wake up in the morning, instead of sighing about the worst possible thing that could happen even before my first class, I gleam with excitement about what is awaiting in my closet. This especially holds true when school is back in session. Clothes make getting up in the morning worth it, so why not make the classroom your runway?! This Fashionista made sure she dressed for comfort but with a surfer girl vibe to her attire. Her blonde hair is piled high in a bun with a pair of shades to shield her from the blaring NYC sun. Her white, ripped denim cutoffs add a casual element to her outfit, especially pairing it with an oversized, graphic tank top. What pulls this outfit together is her cheetah print slip-ons that make this outfit pop. To hold your things all in one place, a sturdy but always cute backpack either makes or breaks an outfit. You can’t have an awesome outfit with a not so awesome backpack. As if. Take cue from the Fashionista who sure rocked the back to school look without even trying.

One Simple Change: To take this back to school look from day to night, trade the denim cut-offs for a pair of black ripped jeans, lose the backpack and opt for a trendy purse and add a funky sleeveless blazer to give the whole outfit a major 360!