WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

July 27th, 2015 at 2:00am

I consider summer to be comprised of three whole months: June, July and August. June is like Friday because you are so excited for what the rest of the summer holds, similar to the excitement of the weekend. Then, July is like Saturday, because in July you still have August to look forward to—just like on Saturday you still have the hope of Sunday. Unfortunately, August is like Sunday—there is no hope of another day of the weekend until the following Friday. So, with August slowly rearing its head around the corner, you need to prepare for back to school fashion!

One fashion item that I do not see going out of style anytime soon, on any college campus, would be leggings. The comfort and flexibility leggings provide as pants are unlike any other sort of garment. As this Fashionista is showing us, leggings are even appropriate for the summertime on cooler days. The look of the leggings with the tunic makes this look perfect for roaming around your local college town, heading to class or just meeting up with friends to grab lunch. I love that the tunic ends in an intricate black lace sleeve, which pulls the tunic and leggings together even more. The long necklace is simple yet makes a statement without overpowering the outfit. Flats are also the perfect shoes for back to school when you’re ready to ditch your favorite pair of summer sandals. This Fashionista is ready to make a splash when she goes back to school, which will not be for another month or so (thank goodness).

One Simple Change: If it turns out to be a warmer day, ditch the leggings and just wear the tunic as is! This would be the perfect outfit for running errands around your college town!