WHAT TO WEAR: All About Autumn

What’s autumn all about? Whether you call it autumn or fall, if you’re a Fashionista, you probably love it. Why? Because it’s officially time for scarves, boots and all things fall!

Fall is the best season for fashion because it’s cool enough to wear layers and show off all your favorite pieces, but warm enough so that you don’t have to cover up your outfit with a huge winter coat; let’s be real, regardless of how chic the coat is, you really need to show off your outfit… you put effort into this look and it deserves to be seen!

Fall weather is chilly, so it’s vital that your outfit is practical and keeps you warm. Our Fashionista chose the perfect fall scarf; the colors in her scarf match the colors of the changing leaves. The look captures that perfect, quintessential fall essence that we search for within the piles of stunning leaves that have changed color right before our very eyes, to our pumpkin spice lattes from the closest Starbucks.

It’s also important to be comfy, because whether you’re on or off campus, Kingston involves a lot of walking. Our Fashionista mentioned that she buys neutral pieces that all work together no matter what! Buying your fave jeans in different washes and having some basic staples makes it easy to pick out a comfortable and classic outfit, and the accessorizing is the fun and creative part! This Fashionista’s outfit has warm, gold metal details all over the place, and we are in love! The gold adds an element of warmth from head to toe.

All in all, our Fashionista pulls off the outfit that is the absolute epitome of fall fashion. It’s an outfit that all you Fashionistas can rock! All you need are warm tones, a scarf and your flair!