WHAT TO WEAR: Adding a Professional Twist

Every Fashionista knows that it’s important to take style into account when dressing for any event—even if this event is your hour long lecture on modern American history. Usually, your lecture look consists of a pair of jeans or black leggings paired with a fashionable sweater or graphic T-shirt. But sometimes your day to day university look needs a bit of an alteration.

Do you ever feel the need to look a bit more put together for a meeting with your professor or to make a great first impression on an established guest speaker? Well don’t worry, your ideal outfit is closer than you think. You can add a professional twist by just subbing out a few items. But before we decide what items are going take a seat on the bench, figure out what you are going to keep.

If your interactions are casual, then your jeans or a nice pair of leggings will do. Now, begin to swap out your graphic T-shirt for a blouse or button-down. We decided to give this Fashionista a hint of stripes to provide some variation to the look. You can stop there or you can add a blazer or appropriate cardigan (basically non-distressed). If you decide to implement this addition, pull your button-down sleeves all the way out. Just this alone can bring the whole outfit together.

When it comes to foot attire, your go-to Adidas won’t make the cut. Depending on the layout of your school day, heels might work. Due to the chilly weather, stick with closed toe heels. Play around with different heights but when walking around campus, kitten block heels will be your best friend. If your day is a marathon, then flats will be your move.

Finally, a bag or purse is the make it or break it piece. This Fashionista had the option of leaving her backpack at home and opting for a clutch but if your meeting is scheduled right after class, you don’t have this luxury. Instead, move your Mac book and notebooks into a large tote so they don’t clash.

If you find yourself in a situation where you must find the medium between causal and professional, resort back to this simple fashion algorithm. As cheesy as it is, we must dress to impress.