WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Skirts

The wind is blowing and the trees are all in bloom, it’s springtime again! This year we have seen some really fun trends hitting campus, including the bodysuit and the off-the-shoulder top. In a world full of jeans and leggings, it can be easy to discount the skirt as too much effort or too fancy for class, however that is totally not the case! Often pairing tops and skirts can be tricky with getting the right volume ratio right, but have no fear, the A-line is here.

The A-line is a great skirt for anyone who fears the skirts are too flowy and hide your figure. The slim cut and sleek styles can make them a great alternative to jeans or a dress. Pair with a loose top or a tighter one for the desired look and you are golden. This Fashionista perfectly balances proportions by mixing her army green skirt with a pale pink sweater. The sweater is just loose enough to tuck in but also does not overwhelm her small frame. The colors are also uber chic, almost verging on neutral, making them great for a sunny spring day.

Skirts are a great way to overcome the constant struggle with what jeans to rotate again during the week, and they are so versatile. Accessories can also jazz up any skirt/top outfit such as the way this Fashionista threw on a brown belt and some long necklaces. She also added brown boots for a laid-back daytime vibe which can easily change by putting on lace-up wedges and changing into a flirty halter top.