We Recreated Our Favorite NYFW Beauty Look For Real Life

Like most fashion enthusiasts, every screen on my devices has been enamored with all things New York Fashion Week lately. I can’t complain. While the runway and street style looks are inspiring, as a beauty enthusiasts, I have been most excited about what’s been going down the catwalk from the neck up.

I was most looking forward to Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia’s Oscar de la Renta debut. Some thought the new direction was a departure for the traditional Oscar finesse. But instead of seeing the bold colors as garish, I found them inspiring and something I wanted to translate into my own look ASAP.

If you want to get in on the NYFW trends or just looking for a refresh for spring, set down your kohl eyeliner and brighten up your semester with shades of pastel.

Unsure of where to start? Here’s exactly how to execute the runway (and everyday) approved look!

Step One: To begin, prime your lids with eyeshadow primer, and fill in your brows with your preferred product. Then, taking your large eyeshadow brush, cover the lids in a shade of medium purple. Continue to sweep the lids with purple until you have your desired opacity. Then, taking your blending brush, blend a magenta color into your crease. I like to open my eyes a little when I blend to make sure I have the crease covered. 

Step Two: Next, using an angled eyeliner brush, line your lower lash line with a lighter shade of purple, using the angled end of your brush to draw the shadow out past your eye, as if you were making a wing underneath the eye. I would go over this a few times to get the right color payoff. Then, using a small eyeshadow brush, swipe white eyeshadow into the inner corners of your eyes, repeating this process with a light blue color. By placing a white base the blue stands out brighter. 

Step Three: Finally, if you wish, get out your favorite eyeliner and wing your eyes, using the light purple you drew underneath as a guideline. This creates a graphic and pop art look. Finish with mascara, and falsies if it’s a special occasion, and you’re done! This look can be swapped out with different colors of your choosing, as long as you stick with a similar scale of shades.