4 Warm Weather Styles For Girls Who Hate Wearing Their Hair Down

Why settle for a boring, old ponytail when you can spice up your hot weather hair? These go-to hairstyles will keep you looking and feeling cool all spring and summer long. Go “beyond the ponytail” with these four hair inspirations.

The Fuss-Free Tousled Braid

This braided updo gives an effortless and textured look. Add braids to your textured bun to create an accent and more texture.

(Photo via @ashleyhurley___)

How To: To create this look, you need sea salt spray, hair elastics, and bobby pins. Start by spraying some sea salt spray in damp hair for a natural textured look. (You can add a few extra waves with a curling wand if you need more texture.) Create a deep part, two french braids and secure with hair elastics. Make a messy bun like normal and pull out a few pieces to frame your face.

The Playful Pony

Add an extra minute or two to your ponytail, to add some flare to your look. One of the easiest ways to do this is to add a braid, whether it be a standard braid or a fishtail braid.

(Photo via @lovelyykelly)

How To: To create this look, you need bobby pins, hair elastics, hairspray and a teasing brush. The teasing brush has a dual use to smooth out the fly aways and to give your pony a little height and texture. Make sure to leave a small section of hair out when you create your ponytail for the braided accent that you will wrap around the base. Another tip is to insert bobby pins as you wrap the braid around your ponytail rather than after the full braid has been wrapped around. This will ensure that the braid stays secure.

The Sleek Top Knot

Pull your hair into a sleek top know for a chic hairstyle. The beauty of this look is that it can easily be dressed up or dressed down.

(Photo via @lykaday)

How To: To create this look you need a styling cream, a teasing brush, a hair tie and bobby pins. Pull your hair into a very high ponytail and secure with a hair tie. Tease the ponytail, wrap it around the base, and pin in place. Apply styling cream to prevent fly aways and use teasing brush to smooth. To create a visual element to your bun, flip your head and add a braid from the nape of the neck to the base of your ponytail before you create your bun.

The Natural Textured Pony

For those of you that naturally have beautiful texture, embrace it! Luckily, you have a ability to wear a simpler look without it looking boring and flat.

(Photo via @amandapenelope___)

How To: Whether you throw your hair up in a ponytail or a bun you instantly look like you’ve spent hours on your hair. If you weren’t as blessed with natural curls, fake it by using a wand and creating your own texture and body. Pair this look with a bold scarf to avoid looking basic. Tie a scarf around your head with a bow on the side or at the nape of the neck, creating a turban style headband.

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