Want To Know What Were Our Style Gurus' Favorite Fashion Trends of 2016?

This past year was definitely a whirlwind of mixed emotions. When it comes to reminiscing about fashion however, 2016 showed a lot of nostalgia and a good nod or two to the trends of past decades. From bell-sleeves to velvet chokers, this year brought on a variety of trends that were sported by big fashion icons and regular Fashionista/os alike.

I had a chance to ask our amazing Style Gurus and Editors what their favorite trends of 2016 were. I think it’s safe to assume that most, if not all, of these top trends already have a special place in your closet. What were some of your favorite trends? Did any of them make it to the list? Here’s to hoping for another set of rad and unique style trends in the new year!

The Slip: The slip dress was definitely a huge hit worn either with a top underneath or without. (Photo via @sarahdewald)


Velvet: From shirts to skirts, this fabric made it into the outfits of Fashionista/os everywhere! (Photo via @laurenherwig)


Faux Fur: Even for those who lived in sunnier states, faux fur was a must-have during the fall and winter season. (Photo via @alexadmendoza)


Chokers: Suffice to say, this major throwback accessory was a total keeper when it came to preparing a look. So subtle, so cute! (Photo via @sydneyhelphenstine)


Bombers: Embroidered bombers like this one below was a huge success in the fashion world in 2016. (Photo via @briannailah)