A Velvet Lover’s Guide to Spring Fabrics

While, yes, there are styles that seem to take over a season, this winter it seemed like fabric reigned supreme. More specifically, velvet. Everything from dresses to chokers to footwear was cut in this lush, rich fabric. There’s something cool girl meets rebel that velvet seems to instantly exude.

As versatile as the fabric is, the one thing that holds it back from being truly universal is it seasonality. Have you ever tried to wear a velvet dress in 50-degree temperatures? (If you have, then congrats±you have successfully survived heat exhaustion and lived to tell about it.) Probably the only thing we will miss about winter is velvet.

But just because you can’t wear velvet during spring doesn’t mean you have to totally shift your personal style. With some strategic swaps, you can still be the cool girl meets rebel of spring!    

Here are the five fabrics to wear this spring when wearing velvet isn’t medically advised.

1—Denim. Sure this fabric is seasonless, but everything from jumpsuits to skirts to culottes are being cut in denim. This unique juxtaposition is creating a fresh take on a timeless fabric. Can’t say we hate it. (Photo @wenndy_t)

2—Sheer. Let your skin actually see the light of day. Anything sheer—tops, dresses, bodysuits, shoes—are a warm welcome after hiding under layers of bulky material for months. (Photo via @bruddock_)

3—Silk. You know that camisole or slip dress you have been wearing over your favorite turtleneck all winter? Well now you can ditch that bottom layer without worrying you will be freezing and/or the snow will stain your silk. (Photo via @biancacanales)

4—Fishnets. From what internship to take to when you will officially switch over to iced coffee, you have enough decisions to make this season. Fishnets are an easy breeze pick that don’t require you to choose between tights and socks. (Photo via @jordanflyley)

5—Lamé. It’s your time to shine this season, literally. We’re all about the slightly over-the-top but totally amazing impact lamé has on any outfit. (Photo via @amandaskrabucha)