How I Used Fashion as a Reflection of My Beliefs

The featured outfit, along with the pose, is a nod to the “Fearless Girl” statue in the Financial District of New York City. This reflection is to add light in response to the negativity surrounding the “Fearless Girl” and to show that even when faced with adversity, we will remain strong.

1—The Boots

Like the statue, I have on a dress to reflect femininity and how being feminine and female does not make you weak. To further signify strength I paired my dress with black combat boots to reflect a fighter. This reflection shows that being female and being a fighter are not mutually exclusive.

2—The Style

My go-to style tends to be grayscale, earthy, and natural. The darker the colors, the better. Even with colors as low-key as those in my comfort zone, a lot can be done to spice things up. If you’re like me and have the same toned-down color scheme and style, then you’ve probably been questioned about your lack of vivid colors and bling during such bright seasons. What these people fail to realize is that sometimes less is actually more. I used this idea to provide depth to my ode to the “Fearless Girl.”

3—The Dress

Here, I have on a dark purple dress with floral patterns. The floral patterns of the dress are in response to the transition into warmer weather and the display of femininity. The three cut-outs along the neckline create a bold look, making it unnecessary for further embellishment. Similarly, the dress’s bell-sleeves make it so that not wearing wrist accessories won’t make the look too plain. I did, however, add on some rings to my ring and pinky finger.

4—The Accessories

I just started getting into the idea of wearing rings this year. Growing up all I knew was that if you wore a ring you’d wear one on your ring or index finger. Now, I’ve learned to mix and match and try new things. I wore a silver ring with a big, black pearl on my ring finger. Attention is brought to my hands on my hips when the “Fearless Girl” pose is struck. It also makes the look not so plain. On my pinky I have a silver textured band to signify the bumpy roads we must encounter, especially as females.

To contrast the darker tones the outfit encompasses I added pale pink pearl earrings to bring light to a heavy topic. Finally, the look is complete.

Through my fashion and my style I was able to put together an outfit that symbolizes and reminds me of my beliefs.

What are some less overt ways you show support for what you believe in? Let me know in the comments below!