The Ultimate Look for Those Simple Summer Nights

July 4th, 2017 at 2:00am

Summer is quickly approaching and temperatures are rising. My favorite clothing season is fall and it is hard to wear fall clothes during the summer. Luckily, summer nights are on my side.

When the sun goes down, the temperature cools making it easy to pull out my fall fashion favorites. This nighttime summer outfit is simple, yet a bit edgy as well. At the top, I have a gray Calvin Klein T-shirt that I absolutely love. It is comfortable, high quality, and basic. It is very versatile and I can wear it with many different outfits. Any gray T-shirt would work, though. Over my T-shirt, I have a plain black Nike hoodie just in case I get chilly when I go out.

At the bottom, I have one of my favorite pair of jeans. These light blue denim jeans have a nice stretch to them and the wash is perfect. They aren’t too heavy so they stay cool on my body and are comfortable throughout the night. On my feet are an essential pair of shoes I feel everyone should have. They are the “Sk8 High” Vans in “Black Suede”. I find myself reaching for these shoes day after day and they match with almost any outfit. Any black high-top shoe works, but these are just my favorites.

Last, but not least, the accessories. First, I have a simple camouflage bandana to add a little edginess to the outfit. On my wrist is a rose gold Michael Kors watch. It’s a small detail, but I think it works well with my skin tone and the colors in the outfit. A gold or silver watch would work as well. It just depends on personal preference and skin tone. Lastly, a simple shoestring I’ve used as a belt. This is becoming a huge trend in streetwear and I love it.

This is a great outfit for those cool summer nights. It is simple, versatile, and very customizable to what you already have. These are some of my favorite and essential pieces for going out at night during the summer.

What are some of your summer night essentials? Comment below!