Trendy Decor Ideas for Your Space

Trendy Decor Ideas for Your Space

Decorating your first apartment or dorm room is so exciting. I remember creating tons of Pinterest boards with all of the ideas that I wanted to incorporate into my dorm room, hardly any of them feasible for my space or my budget. But, what I lacked at in choosing my decor, this Fashionista aced. With her trendy yet simple style aesthetic, her space has an incredibly chic and unique feel to it.

One thing about the space in college dorm rooms and apartments is that you have none, making it necessary to use what you do have wisely. Only having items that create a larger look rather than making the space feel small is incredibly important.

It is no small task making your apartment look bigger than it actually is. Colors and placement are huge for this; too many colors can make your space feel crowded and tight, while no color makes it feel bland. This Fashionista balanced it beautifully, using a monochrome palette with pops of color and texture to give the illusion of a larger space.

Adding your unique style to your place can be tricky, especially if it’s a dorm room with set rules about what you can and cannot have. One way this Fashionista incorporates her unique flair is by adding texture from her throw blankets and rug. Another way she makes the space her own is her use of plants.

Fresh flowers are my favorite for decorating, but plants are much more practical and affordable for a college budget. They give your room nice color and positive vibes. If you’re not keen on having to remember to water the plants, cacti are perfect for you and very on trend.

When you live in a college dorm or apartment you can’t always decorate the way you want. Tapestries, flags, and wall decals are perfect for making the space feel like yours without permanently changing it. They are easy to put up and take down and especially amazing for covering an ugly colored or otherwise blank walls easily.

What I always struggle with the most when moving in is the amount of space I have to fit all my clothes; it’s never enough. This Fashionista combined clothing storage and decor with her clothing rack. She is able to highlight some of her favorite pieces while using her space wisely.

And of course, what apartment would be complete without furry friends?

What are your favorite decorating tricks for a small space? Comment below and help out your fellow fashionable collegiates with ideas they can incorporate into their spaces.