Trend Report—'80s Throwback

July 14th, 2017 at 2:00am

The ’80s are back baby! The colors, prints, and shapes from this era can be seen everywhere. Recently, it has been all about the thrift-shopped and vintage look which, for our generation, means buying products from the ’80s. When you are wearing your mom’s vintage tracksuit or a pair of dad jeans from H&M, you are sporting a totally ’80s-inspired look!

This look features the best of the ’80s with a modern flair featuring some of the popular trends of today as well. Obviously, the ’80s is a trend that isn’t going anywhere and this look really represents this timeless style. This look, fresh from campus, features a beautiful lightweight, pink, pin-striped button-down to bring in one of the popular colors of the ’80s. The top is then paired with vintage Levi jeans. The good old dad jeans are back and we love them! From boyfriend jeans to a vintage pair you should allows have a pair in your closet.

Now to the shoes, summer fashion is all about slides this year, and these fabulous numbers are no exception. They can work with any piece while also being super comfortable with that soft fur. The accessories really tie this look together. The black and silver belt help break everything up while the gold necklace adds a bit of ’80s glamour into the look. With some sunglasses and silver rings, this outfit is so ’80s and so perfect for a summer look!

How do you feel about this trend? Would you rock the ’80s look? Comment below!