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We're Coining The Term "Faux-cation"—Here's Why You'll Be Into It

March 14th, 2017 at 2:00am

Sometimes you just need to get away. Whether studying for a stressful exam or wishing to escape miserable weather, it would be nice to be able to simply wiggle your nose and be transported to a relaxing location as far as humanly possible from your campus.

While you may not have the powers of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, you do have the second best thing to super powers: creativity. Wishing you were sunbathing on a beach? Looking at your sad bowl of cereal and wishing it were a international feast? By capturing the essence of these experiences, you can go a “faux-cation,” without actually leaving your dorm.

See what we mean below and try these out the next time you need a quick “getaway!”

1—Food Tasting

Try a new restaurant or a new food. Maybe something a little out of your comfort zone. Recently, I discovered an Instagram for Detroit’s best food finds. I’m sure your town may have something similar.

Photo by @kalynnelizabeth_

2—Live via Instagram

Get that wanderlust feeling while on Instagram. Maybe it’ll inspire your next trip?

Photo by @lovelyykelly


That’s what break is for, right? Treat yourself to a hot bubble bath and candles. That always helps me get away.

Photo by @withlovethelms


Have you ever heard the phrase get lost in a good book? Why not check out your local library and find something that interests you. By the time breaks over you’ll wonder how the time flew by.

Photo by @thatchiclex

5—Throwback Thursday

Instead of trying to live through someone else’s moments live through your own. Look at photos from a vacation in the past. Relive those moments.

Photo by @tiffanygeovana

6—Explore your hometown

If you are in for an adventure and in that mood to get away, explore somewhere new. Find a spot in your hometown you aren’t too familiar with and explore. You might find something interesting.

Photo by @christinadambro

7—Get ahead

When I spent my breaks at home, I’d always use that time to take photos. I’d catch up on OOTDs and blog posts. Use this time to prepare for your future.

Photo by @bluejeanbrdy

8—Spend time with your #GuruGang

You finally have free time to catch up with your gang. Nothings better than hanging up with your gal pals, have a sleepover, go for coffee, shopping, talk!!

Photo by @sarahgargano29

What are your spring break plans? Let me know in the comments below!