Fashionistas Will Basically Only Be Wearing These 5 Things This Spring

Have you ever noticed how no matter how many pieces of clothing you have in your closet, you literally wear the same five or so things? It seems like the only thing that forces us to switch up our self-imposed uniforms so to speak is a change in the season.

Oddly enough, a new season is upon us. (Like what I did there with the totally natural transition there?) Happy first day of spring, Fashionistas! Sure it might still be cold out, there is slush where I am pretty sure sidewalk used to be, and there’s a 100 percent chance if you stepped outside in a tank top you would get hypothermia, but pish-posh. Forget those minor details for a moment because the calendar doesn’t lie.

So while, yes, you still may currently be forced to wear your winter staples, here’s hoping that you can finally swap it out for your spring favorites any day now! And in case you were wondering what we predict will be Fashionistas’ spring uniform, check out the five closet essentials you need to own to not think this season!

1—Architectural flats. No we’re not talking housing here. Fashionistas are all about simple, leather flats with unique cut work. (Photo via @kaycaden)

2—Palazzo trousers. Ditch the skirts—this spring is all about pants. We’re obsessed with this silhouette because it seems to harness all the beauty and general awesomeness of palazzo, trousers, and culottes in one. (Photo via @fracturedaesthetic)

3—Denim skirts. So remember when we just said to ditch the skirt? Well, we didn’t mean all of them. (It’s called a hyperbole people.) Definitely keep your denim midi skirt. Or just ask your mom for hers because she was totally ahead of the trend on this one. Mother knows best. (Photo via @mmoor)

4—Printed button-downs. What’s the saying again? Give a Fashionista a white button-down and she will love you forever (and probably wear it until it is stained and then some). While this silhouette is admittedly our go-to year round, we suggest doing a little spring cleaning and upgrade the style with a fresh, playful print. (Photo via @sarahdewald)

5—Lady bags. Close your eyes. Imagine a handbag that your grandma would have worn in the ’60s, that your cool babysitter worn in the ’90s, and that Parisian women have been wearing forever. Okay perfect, now go get yourself one of those. (Photo via @elizagracehuber)

What are you most excited to wear over and over again this spring? Let us know in the comments below!