Top 5 Summer Beauty Essentials

Ahh yes, summer is finally upon us! This means going to the beach, exploring the city, hanging with friends, and simply enjoying the sunshine. The best beauty products on the market are crucial for flawless summer skin and looks. Coming up, I will tell you my top 5 summer beauty essentials for 2017 that will enhance any and every look you want to rock!

1. One of my absolute favorite products for summer is the Garner SkinActive Clean+ Blackhead Eliminating Scrub. This facial scrub is both cleansing and refreshing and never makes your skin feel irritated. I use this face wash at night because it makes my skin feel crazy soft and clean heading off to bed, but it can for sure to be used either morning or night!

2. Another one of my fave products is the Cetaphil Oil Control Moisturizer with SPF 30 to moisturize after washing my face every morning and night. The mixed in SPF is great for someone like me who has very fair skin, and it provides protection without having to consciously slather on coats of sunscreen.

3. My next top beauty product for this summer is the perfect subtle eye shadow to go with every look both day and night. My favorite is Faux Fur Jacket #48 by Sephora. It is a long lasting shadow with a slight shimmer and is the perfect light bronze color to make blue eyes pop! Sephora has a plethora of different colors and shades that goes great with every skin and eye color combo.

4. Coming next is the ultimate essential: chapstick. My go-to brand is Baby Lips by Maybelline because it makes my lips super soft and it too has built in SPF which is a secret blessing to us all. Not only does chapstick make our lips look better, but it also provides a great low-key shine and can give you color!

5. Our last beauty essential for summer is a mini body spray from Bath and Body Works. My favorite scent is Warm Vanilla Sugar because it is subtle but makes everything smell amazing. The best part about Bath and Body Works’ collection of body sprays is that they have so many wonderful scents that everybody can enjoy!

Overall, these beauty essentials will brighten you and your summer! With so many options to choose from for most of these products, each and every person can pick what’s best for them. They are easy to travel with as well!

What other beauty essentials do you use? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to tag @cfashionista in your summer beauty essential instagram posts!