The Top 5 Items You Need On Your Next Flight

I have been traveling more than usual this past year, and based off my recent experiences I can confirm that flying sucks. I mean besides the obvious transportation from point A to point B part, flying and travel often makes you feel tired, annoyed, and overall icky.

This week I am going on a trip to London with school, and after hearing how long the flight is (almost 8 hours!) I decided to pack the ultimate carry-on. I did research, tested products, and have rounded up the best items to make your flight a breeze. Below are my top 5 items to avoid that gross airplane feeling from ruining the excitement of travel!

1—Face Wipes

Airplanes are full of bacteria, which is one reason why you often feel so gross. Get that grime off your face and freshen up anytime by bringing face wipes in your cabin baggage. For flights this long, you probably don’t want to wear a face full of makeup, so wipes with makeup removing properties will stop you from getting a breakout from leaving your makeup on, and preps your skin for my second helpful item…

2—Face Mask

The humidity level in a plane is 20 to 50 percent lower than typical indoor humidity, which leads to high levels of dehydration. Dehydration makes your skin dry, flaky, and tight, which is why I recommend taking a sleeping face mask on long flights or layovers. These masks don’t require any rinsing, which makes it a perfect option for restoring your skin and treating yourself to a mini facial mid-flight. I opt for the sheet-less ones, so I don’t scare the people around me, but if thats your thing, all the power to you!

3—Neck Pillow

I always thought neck pillows were silly and a waste of money. Boy was I wrong. If you’ve ever tried to sleep on a plane without something holding your head up, you know what I’m talking about! This is definitely worth the investment.

4—Healthy Snacks

Candy or chips might seem like a good idea before the flight, but once you’re landed, you’ve probably also crashed from the sugar, or are hungrier than you were before. Junk food makes you feel greasy, tired and more hungry, so healthier snacks like protein bars, single serving oatmeal, or trail mix will make your body feel better and give you the nutrients you need. Not to mention you have a better and more filling option if they run out of meals on the flight!

5—Empty Water Bottle

This seems like a no-brainer to some, but a lot of people forget to bring one. Since you can’t take liquids over 100ml past security, bringing an empty water bottle will save you money at the gate, and keep you hydrated, which is key. The small cups they give you on the flight are not nearly enough to quench your thirst, so bringing an empty bottle to fill up past security will also provide you with more water.

These items are now must-haves in my carry-on luggage, along with the essentials: passport, lip balm, earbuds, and gum.

Do you have any must-have items for travel? Let us know in the comments below!