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Here's Exactly How To Establish an Instagram Aesthetic

May 15th, 2017 at 2:00am

Instagram has become less of a place to post random photos from your camera roll and more about carefully curating a visual representation of your life. A personal aesthetic, if you will. While I’m all for posting whatever you want whenever you want, there is something incredibly satisfying about having a thematic feed that just screams you.

Now that potential employers are checking out our Instas and self-branding is no longer a concept but a requirement, it’s a smart idea to focus on creating a personalized social media masterpiece.

Here is a small compilation of tips to make your Instagram feel curated, professional, yet personal all at the same time.

Colors say a lot about your personality and your tastes. Do you prefer cool blues, whites, and grays? Does black and white make you happy? Are cozy, warm tones more your style? Find a color palette and try to stick with it. It’ll make your feed look more cohesive, despite any kind of variation in the photos. 

Stick with the same few filters
This is similar to your color palette. Apps like VSCO and Lightroom are the best for editing photos, and choosing no more than one or two filters will give your Insta a nice consistency. Personally, A5 and SE3 on VSCO are my top favorites, but choose ones that match your color theme and the mood you want to send.

Use negative space
Busy feeds can work really well in many cases. But sometimes photos beaming with negative space can be helpful in breaking up selfies, group photos, and flat lays. Whether it’s a shot of palm tress, a cup of tea in a café, or a succulent in a window sill, using negative space gives variation and a certain flow.

Choose photos that embody you
It’s easy to feel down about yourself after scrolling for hours and seeing luxe vacations, shiny bikini pics, and expensive new clothes that you could only dream of owning. But it’s important to remember that you have talents, smarts, looks, and creativity that are unique to you. Your perspective and interpretation of the world is different and appreciated. While you may feel the need to show off a new pair of shoes, does it really portray you? If you’re more comfortable posting a picture of that sunset you hiked to the top of the hill to see, post it! This is all about you and giving a depiction of the amazing ideas you bring to the social media (and actual) world.

The most important thing to remember

It’s also important to mention that Instagram is a curation. This isn’t reality. People spend a lot of time meticulously editing, planning, and taking photos to get the one they want. Refrain from comparing yourself to the highly edited pictures; there is always a story and a long process behind each one.

What’s your personal Instagram aesthetic? Show us a picture that sums you up by tagging @CFashionista on Instagram!