Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorials You Can Find on TikTok

Halloween is a beloved holiday, there are no gifts to forget and no one gets judgmental looks from cashiers for buying a basketful of candy! And who doesn’t love the fact that there are virtually no restrictions to who or what you are?! That said, some Halloween costumes take a lot of planning — but they don’t have to! If you’re the put-off-your-costume-until-the-last-possible-second type, a Halloween-themed makeup look is your best friend. Thanks to TikTok, there’s plenty of spooky, easy-to-follow tutorials at your fingertips. And to make things even easier, I’ve rounded up some of my favorites for you. Keep reading for 11 easy Halloween makeup tutorials, all found on TikTok.


DAY 10/10 Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorials // IT-inspired Pretty Clown 🤡🖤 ib: @jamescharles #clownmakeup #halloweenmakeup #scarymakeup #clown #it

♬ Clown – Chjolo


When many think of clown makeup it’s usually some variation of white face paint and a red nose. But, clown makeup can be simplified and made fun (or even spooky)! The above clown looks can be done with not just makeup, but body paint as well. If you don’t have body paint that is suitable to be put on your lips use pink or red lipstick. Use a makeup brush, a q-tip, or your finger to apply the lipstick and smear it without wasting a lot of product. 


Spiderwebs are one of my favorite looks to do as it is easy and quick! Don’t be afraid to take it up a notch by using eyeshadow or glitter to outline the webs — just have fun with it! Another fun way to switch up this look is to replace your usual black eyeliner with other traditional Halloween colors like purple, yellow, orange, white, or a dark red. For more tips on nailing a graphic eyeliner look, check out this tutorial!


Superhero costumes are a classic go-to! A great way to do that with makeup is to do a comic book look. While that may sound difficult, it’s actually quite simple. I found the above tutorial to be a great way for beginners to do an easy but impressive look. You can also wear a face mask over it without compromising a majority of the design. 


Ahhh okie this is part 2 !!! I kinda had to squeeze everything in dis vid also if u have any questions plz comment down below ! *mwuah mwuah* <33 #fyp

♬ Pain – PinkPantheress


If you pride yourself on your makeup skills, then you definitely want to check out some of the babydoll tutorials above. I absolutely love how a babydoll look can be sweet or scary. I personally think the “cracked” doll is such a cool twist to the look.


If you still think the above looks are too complicated, a simple Devil look is for you! While the above tutorial is a full face of makeup, it only uses a handful of products — nice and easy! First prime your skin then use red body paint or makeup all-over. Next, in no specific order, apply black lipstick, blend in a black or gray eyeshadow above your crease, and apply faux lashes. Unfamiliar with falsies? If you need a tutorial, I’d recommend this TikTok. And, if you have hooded eyelids check out this lash tutorial. It may take some time to get the lashes right, but they add the perfect amount of drama to bring this evil look together!



I saved my favorite Halloween look for last. Check it out here. Just kidding! While that look is easy it’s not nearly as fun as channeling your inner cat. I love these looks as you can go as simple or extravagant as you want as well as play around with colors of the spots. This easy costume and makeup look are classics for a reason!

Regardless if you went all-out or kept it lowkey with your makeup look this Halloween, we hope these TikTok tutorials helped you out! Let us know if you tried any of the looks by tagging us on Instagram or TikTok. Happy Halloween!