How To Thrift Trendy Items With Just a $20 Budget

Do you ever feel scared to check your bank account because you’re not ready to face the truth about how much money (or lack there of) you really have? Yeah, me too. I don’t know about you, but as someone who loves clothes, it physically pains me to walk by countless racks of clothing calling out my name, while my wallet is saying: “No girl, don’t fool yourself.” But let’s be honest the hearts wants what it wants.

However, many of us fail to realize that the same trends that are currently being sold in stores can also be found while thrifting—and for a much cheaper price. So, to prove that this is so, I took on a thrifting challenge. I challenged myself to only spend $20 or less while finding trendy pieces that are currently being sold at a much higher price.

This is what I found, and how much I really spent.

1. Slip Dress & Basic T-shirt: Slip dresses are one of the most popular must-have items in everyone’s closet. They are easy to wear and comfortable. A great way to give them a casual day look is by adding a basic T-shirt as an under layer. I found these two goodies as I made my way through racks of clothing at my local thrift store. These two items were a total of $6. (Yes, $6.) The slip dress was $4 and the basic T-shirt, which was originally from J.Crew, was $2. Now let’s compare it to a retail price shall we….

At ASOS, a simple, black slip dress is priced at $35.

At J.Crew a basic T-shirt is priced at $32.

This equals a total of $67. While my thrifted items save me a total of $61 that I get to keep!


2. Colored Trousers: Colored trousers are perfect statement pieces. They’re able to give your outfit that extra pop of color without putting too much effort. However, depending on certain stores, some trousers are priced differently depending on the color. I found these fun, hot pink bottoms for just $5. Seriously a perfect steal!

A similar pair of pink trousers retails at $70 at Zara.

I save $65 by thrifting mine! Woohoo!


3. Bandanas: Bandanas are the perfect add-on accessory. They’re fun, playful, and a great way to elevate your outfit. They are definitely a trending item. I found this cute, red floral one for just $3.

At Urban Outfitters, a colored bandana is priced at $12.

I save $9 thrifting mine. Can I get an amen?

4. Wide-Leg Pants: Wide-leg pants are a fun way to add flare to your look and play with proportions! Your outfits don’t always have to be fitted all the time. I found these printed bad boys as I searched the bottoms aisle. They were a total of $4.

At Anthropologie, wide-leg pants can range anywhere from $68-$238. This particular pair is priced at $98.

Again, I save $94! My pocket is a happy gal.

Now if I add all the items I thrifted, the total amount I spent was $18. If I were to have bought these items at a retail price, my total would’ve been $247. I literally save $229 that I could use for other things!

As you can see, you can most definitely find similar items if you were to budget yourself and take a thrifting trip. I’m not saying to give up shopping online or in store indefinitely, but it is a great way to be smart about your money.

So guess what? It’s your turn now. I challenge you to this thrifting challenge. What can you find on a $30 or less budget? Share your findings by tagging us @cfashionista!