Three Gorgeous Floral Arrangements With Unique Vases You Already Own!

Nothing brightens a cold day and even colder heart than receiving flowers. Whether from a secret admirer, your parents or even a random “treat yourself” moment, having a gorgeous floral arrangement in your room is an instant mood booster.

We know what you are thinking: who actually owns a vase besides my mom? Well turns out you actually you do. By simply repurposing some of your dorm or apartment essentials, you are one step closer to a budding arrangement (pun intended).

As far as showcasing your creativity, we decided to enlist some experts to dispense some advice and tips on how to create the perfect arrangement. We stopped by our favorite floral shop, B Floral, for a hands-on afternoon of fun, flowers and a little bit of learning!

Read on how to create your own gorgeous arrangements using these tips and three unique vases you are sure to already own!

Flower Arranging 101:

-Fill your container with water first – water level doesn’t matter as long as bottom of stems are covered with water.

-Cut all stems at a 45 degree angle with super sharp scissors. Always make sure you put flowers in water within 30 seconds of cutting them so follicles don’t begin to close.

-Always remove leaves that would be below the water line – leaves can contain pesticides that will transfer to the water and poison the flowers.

-Change the water every 2-3 days – every time you change the water, cut the stems at a 45 degree angle again.

How To Construct The Perfect Arrangement:

-Use your non-dominant hand to hold the flowers as you arrange them so you can use your dominant hand to cut the stems.


-With different sized flowers, start with the biggest heads in the center.


-Keep turning your arrangement in your hand as you create it so you can see it from all angles and pay attention to all sides equally.


-Take time to look at your arrangement along the way from all angles and from head on so you always know what it will look like.


-By the time you place it in your vase, it should be complete!


Mason Jar

Turns out these glass jars are not just for pickles, smoothies and yogurt parfaits!





Empty Candle Container

The flame may be gone, but there is still plenty of fire in your favorite candle container.





Pencil Holder

Your number twos will need to take a backseat to this floral arrangement