This Beauty-Obsessed College Student Went Three Days Without Makeup

Having grown up with a mom in the makeup industry, I knew how to apply makeup before I was in middle school. I loved how I could transform my look with just a little bit of makeup. Over the years I’ve become accustomed to wearing it every day; whether it’s a full face or just mascara. I’ve always prided those who went makeup free but never thought that could be me.

However, I decided to be brave and take the challenge. It’s only three days without makeup, after all. And let me tell you those three days never felt longer.

Like any good journalist, I decided to document my experience. Check out what I learned by going sans makeup below!

Day 1:

I was terrified. I felt naked. My problem area is my skin so not wearing foundation was the hardest part. I felt like everyone was staring at my skin, which was completely untrue. I don’t think anyone cared, to be honest. I did miss wearing makeup, though.


Day 2:

I might take up this challenge every Tuesday because I got to sleep in for my 8 a.m. Usually, I need a good hour, but this morning all I needed was to wake up and get dressed.

I forgot I wasn’t wearing makeup. My day was relatively the same as the Tuesday before. “Am I already getting use to this?”


Day 3:

“Does lipstick count as makeup?” As an avid lipstick wearer, I missed wearing a pop of color. I felt like my lips were invisible.

My outfit just didn’t seem right without makeup. I felt disheveled. I put on sweats to cope with my mood. “Like what!! I never wear sweats.” I was thankful that the challenge would soon be over.


Three days and the makeups back. I did appreciate those days without makeup. It was just harder than I expected. I realized it doesn’t matter what people think of me without makeup; that shouldn’t change their opinion.

If you wear makeup, wear it for you.