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These 5 Goodwill Looks Do More Than Help My Style

February 22nd, 2017 at 2:00am

As a college student, I’m always on the lookout to find ways to save money, especially if I’m buying clothes. Styles and fads come and go, and it’s hard to not impulse-spend your whole paycheck on a new pair of shoes that will be out of style next year.

That’s why it’s a no-brainer to purchase clothes at thrift shops, because it’s always a fraction of what the first cost once was. There’s always such a better selection in the store than in my closet, so I never hesitate to check out what’s going on over there. Even with the unlimited selection and great prices, lately there have been other reasons why I’ve been wishing Goodwill was my closet.

I think about all of the clothes I’ve bought in this past year, especially since my school was around the block from Zara and I couldn’t help but to take a peak in case there was anything I might “need.” But when you think about it, if you’re constantly buying new clothes and then never wearing them again, that’s such a waste of material! Sustainability in fashion is not a new topic and I’m not the first person to come upon it, but we can all find more ways to get what we want out of clothes while still helping out the environment a little, like giving clothes a second purpose.

This week I went to Goodwill to put together five really cool outfits that I know I’d wear on a regular basis. I switched it up between bold statement pieces and the basics, because I’m never one to spend much on something that I won’t wear more than once. My goal is to show you how easy it was for me to formulate “me” outfits using other’s recycled clothes.

I’m going walk you through some of my newest outfits, as well as my thought process while piecing it all together during my trip this week. I’ll include the breakdown of prices of each item, so you can visualize your next visit to buy some clothes for your wardrobe.

When looking for outfit number one, this plaid dress caught my eye. A warm black turtleneck was the second thing on my mind, because it’s still been a little cool even in this crazy warm weather. Also, I’ve been very into white shoes and sneakers lately, so I grabbed this pair to go with the black socks I was already wearing.

My Clueless vibes changed to a little bit more Blair Waldorf-y when I added this gray fur coat. This coat was warm and durable, and I knew if I bought it I’d be able to wear it all the time.

This outfit wasn’t complete without a cool statement purse, and this red one with tassels really did the trick. I’d like to think of this outfit as “Upper East Sider Coming Home From Tennis Practice.” Take it a step further: If you’re feeling bold, switch up the shoes to fresh white boots with a shorter heel to keep the statement color but dress up the outfit.

Outfit One
Turtleneck- Jeanne Pierre $6.75
Dress- Inclinations $5.50
Coat-New Look $9.50
Shoes- Hush Puppies $6.97

When I was trying to draw inspiration for my second outfit, I started walking down the pants aisle. This place had an insane variety of colored pants, which has always been right up my alley. These cobalt blue ones caught my eye and I knew they would be the main part of my outfit. I immediately added a plain tight black turtleneck because, why not? And that’s where the brainstorming began.

This snazzy top caught my eye and did not fail to get glitter all over my clothes. Not only did I like it in contrast with the blue pants, but I felt like it would be super cute for another event like a night out with black skinny jeans.

To make this look more casual I added a jacket but had to make it warm and fuzzy. The gold purse only because it matched with the sparkles of the top and I love the gold standing out. This outfit feels like an awesome thing to wear to a cool market or a date to get coffee at a cute little coffee joint. Take it one step further: The only thing I would have added would have been some type of beret hat. I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to find that!

Outfit Two
Jacket- Tailor $4.75
Pants- Delia’s $4.25
Turtleneck- White Stag $3.95
Tank- Notations $3.95

I wanted my third outfit to feel a little trendy but effortless, like I just woke up “and threw it all together”. These pants and shoes aren’t from this trip, but I felt like the darker maroon striped top needed a pop of whiteness to balance it all out for spring.

I added a cozy green jacket and funky purse and bam! The outfit is complete. This was definitely my favorite one to create, especially because I feel like I look like someone who drinks a lot of highly-caffeinated trendy teas. (I think it’s the black mules and animal print bag.) Take it one step further:  Find a red bandana and tie it around your neck to look super french.

Outfit Three 
Jacket- Studio SW Works $3.95
Top- Rebecca Malone $3.95
Pants- Mine
Shoes- Mine
Purse- Q&A $6.97

I came upon these shoes as soon as I looked at the shoe rack, and I knew they were going to make it into my list of outfits. These shoes scream cool with the tiny heel and I can just see myself wearing them with so many more outfits. I matched the shoes with the top with the white stripes to make the color scheme a little bit more cohesive.

Next, add a big and bulky floral top to make it contrast with the light pink top and you’ve got yourself an outfit! This look feels kind of ’90s to me, which is almost inevitable if you’re shopping at any thrift store, but that’s why I think I like it more. Take it one step further: The one thing I would add to this outfit would be a cute black mini purse to swing around my shoulder and a cool pair of sunglasses.

Outfit Four
Jacket- Compagnie Internationale $3.95
Turtleneck- Merona $3.95
Skirt- Charlotte Russe $4.00
Pumps- Soft Style $4.97

I’m pretty much going to come right out and tell you that I based my entire last outfit off of these shoes. They felt so sassy with the little kitten heel that says “Hey I wear heels but I don’t really feel like committing to something that will hurt my feet later in the day.” Plus they have awesome little embroidery on them, and that’s super easy to pair anything with them. 
I found this peplum plaid skirt which immediately reminded me of my days in private school. I added a red turtleneck because as you can tell I am a fan, and then threw on a belt to make sure it looked more flattering.

This outfit would not have been more complete if I didn’t find this peplum peacoat to go with the skirt! Overall I really liked this outfit and could see myself wearing it to go get some crepes and coffees after my afternoon classes. Take it one step further: A little black handbag with short straps would be so cute to carry around the town. (And maybe some scandalous fishnet tights).

Outfit Five
Peacoat- H&M $4.50
Skirt- No Boundaries $4.00
Turtleneck- Eileen Fisher $3.95
Shoes- Smartaire $6.00