The #SelfEsteem Project – Meet Lucy Liu

Sponsored in part by Dove

We all want to change the world. And while this vision is a noble one—the task often seems so daunting that we are afraid to even take the first step. But what if just by being yourself, you could make positively make a difference?

This is an overlooked reality. CollegeFashionista and Dove believes everyone has the opportunity to make a difference in a girl’s self-esteem just by being a confident role model. Research shows that when girls have confident role models, they are less likely to let the anxieties about their looks hold them back. That means they are more willing to be engaged in the classroom, share their opinion and take care of themselves. If we can instill this sense of confidence in younger generations, their potential for the future is unlimited. Talk about changing the world! 

Dove and CollegeFashionista have been on the ground at campuses across the country to engage in conversations and events about self-esteem, self-worth and individuality. During self-esteem workshops, our Style Gurus have been inspiring girls to develop a positive relationship with beauty so that they can reach their full potential.

Our last stop is New York City, where we will be bringing big confidence to the Big Apple. In celebration, we caught up with one of our rockstar Hunter College Style Gurus, Lucy, as she discusses why spreading the word about confidence is so important to her. 


CollegeFashionista: What does beauty mean to you?

Lucy Liu: To me, beauty means a positive radiance that comes from within. Beauty is when a person talks about his or her passion, and sheds that light and positive vibe to the next. Beauty is uncontrollable laughter or natural smile. Beauty is when strangers offer help to each other. Beauty is when a person shows affection towards animals, kids or loved ones. Beauty is encouragement from peers. Beauty is beyond words.

CF: When do you feel most confident?

LL: My self-confidence comes from believing my abilities to achieve my goals and gaining wonderful opportunities. I feel the most confident when I talk about my career dreams. I feel the most confident in my personal style but at the same time, relaxing in my pajamas at night. I feel the most confident around people who I can share hysterical laughs with, fears with, and dreams with.

CF: Who is your role model?

LL: Eva Chen. She is a great role model in the fashion industry for Asian girls, and her style is impeccable.

CF: Why is it important for you to rally campus leaders to help younger girls understand the importance of body image and self-esteem?

LL: I always believe in sharing ideas and using teamwork to spread a positive message. I believe that almost everyone struggles with body image and self-esteem one way or another and it’s great to encourage each other to fight against the ideal perfection our media and society have portrayed and build more self love for who we are.

Don’t live in the NYC-area? You can still be a part of the conversation! Visit Experience, share and repin free self-esteem activities and tips with the girls in your life using the hashtag #SelfEsteemProject. Be sure to watch the “Dove Change One Thing” film to be further inspired to be a confident role model for the women in your life!